class easyreflectometry.sample.assemblies.repeating_multilayer.RepeatingMultilayer[source]#

Bases: Multilayer

A repeating multi layer is build from a Multilayer and which it repeats for a given number of times. This enables a computational efficiency in many reflectometry engines as the operation can be performed for a single Multilayer and cheaply combined for the appropriate number of repetitions.

More information about the usage of this assembly is available in the repeating multilayer documentation

__init__(layers=None, repetitions=None, name='EasyRepeatingMultilayer', interface=None)[source]#


  • layers (Union[Layer, list[Layer], LayerCollection, None]) – The layers that make up the multi-layer that will be repeated.

  • repetitions (Union[Parameter, int, None]) – Number of repetitions of the given series of layers

  • name (str) – Name for the repeating multi layer, defaults to ‘EasyRepeatingMultilayer’.

  • interface – Calculator interface, defaults to None.

user_data: dict#